Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm still alive!

Princess is now back with her grandparents while her mom and dad are out of country for work this summer. She eased right back into our family unit in no time and we really enjoyed having her with us. Beckett pink puffy hearts Princess and woke up ever morning asking if she was still at his house. The feeling was quite mutual on P's part. We hope to have Princess come over again soon for some playdates! I updated about some of her adventures on her very own blog,, so be sure to visit it sometime.

I am in survivor mode trying my best to manage school, work, and the small shreds of my personal life. In life, I am a very stubborn and determined person which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the situation. Luckily, these work in my favor for school and as it stands now I have a 100% average in both of my classes. Yes, I am a full on nerd and proud. I'm staying up every night until midnight to keep up with the class readings and online discussions and earning every bit of extra credit I can. My family has been a blessing in taking Becks on Saturdays so I can cram in about 6 hours of uninterrupted work. I've taken one exam so far and nailed it- 100%. I have another exam on Friday and while I know realistically I won't get a 100% on it, I am aiming for a high A. It's been a difficult pace to maintain and I'm looking forward to July 9th (last day of summer school) so I can have a break before I juggle 3 classes and work full time in the fall on top of being a mom. OMG what was I thinking? Hopefully in my off time I can drive a few transports and take a few photos so this blog doesn't look so neglected.

Hope summer is treating you all well. Enjoy a few pics of the brat pack and my awesome new plates!