Thursday, July 1, 2010


Becks and I were able to squeeze in a transport this past weekend. While school has been kicking my booty, I have kicked it back even harder. I have a 100+ average in one class and a 94+ in the other. So you bet your booty I deserved a little down time via transporting. Volunteering for me is better than any time spent in a therapists office! The fact that Becks loves our adventures just adds to my joy. I think, I hope, these adventures are instilling in him the wall words that dominate his room - Treat Every Living Thing With Kindness.

Goliath was a rescue out of a Louisiana shelter with a massive chemical burn down his back. If you saw my FB wall, you would see how common chemical burns really are. It is very upsetting for me to imagine the life of a dog that ends up in a kill shelter with burns all over their body. More so when it is a breed that can go to rescue only because of the breedism that many shelters and ignoramuses subscribe to. As a rottie, Goliath had a small chance in hell getting out alive. To think he could have been gassed or heartsticked (I dare you to click on those words and educate yourself) after being chemically burned truly gives me nightmares at night. What kind of society do we live in? How can I have any faith in this cruel human race?

Becks and I talked before picking up Goliath so he was prepared to see his boo boo and knew not to touch it. I for good measure reminded him that touching a dog's boo boo could hurt and then the dog could bite him. Some call that fearmongering, I call it a safety precaution. Really though, Goliath was about as sweet and chill as they come for a transport passenger.

Goliath is now safe in a Colorado rottie specific rescue where he will heal and be treated for Heartworms. The family that adopts him is going to be very lucky... I only hope they have some little humans available as Goliath seemed to have a sweet spot for little man!