Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A dirt lot

This is where Princess used to live.

On this dirt lot she dodged 18 wheelers and gravel trucks. She once had her foot run over and lost a nail as a result. When she was spayed in an effort to shut me up, she recouperated here, in the dirt and motor oil. Often, I tended to various war wounds she ended up with. I'm pretty sure she wasn't missing a chunk of ear when we first met. Occasionally, she was allowed in the air conditioned offices to cool off. I don't think she was ever kept inside during thunderstorms. She slept outside 99% of the time no matter the season. I have no idea how often she was given clean water or what they fed her but I'd bet money it was Ol Roy. At one point, someone tried to steal her in the middle of the night and had her backed into a corner of the chain link fence until the man living on the property came out to see what all the fuss was about. Finally, the day I had a new collar and proper tag for her with my information on it and the words "spayed" engraved on it, she went missing. I'll save that post for another day. It's amazing what I have chosen to forget... I hope she has too.

Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm an OklaTexan

Becks and I had another little Oklahoma adventure this weekend. Our passengers on this trip were the adorable Jones (floppy ears) and Isabelle (cropped ears). Both were total love bugs and Isabelle was content to hang her head in B's lap while Jones kept manuevering to sneak his way into my lap. We had dog #3, Egore, a massive 135 pound American Bulldog following in a seperate car due to his size and dislike of most male dogs. It was uneventful, just the way we like them, and B was treated to McDonalds for an ice cream cone and the opportunity to stretch his legs on the playground. I know how much he enjoys our rides as he is always quick to talk to me about them while we rock before he drifts off to sleep. His last word before falling asleep that night was Isabelle.

To date we have transported 10 dogs that would be dead otherwise. If you don't already transport, please do. It is the simplest way to contribute to animal rescue and is tax deductible! Ask me how to volunteer.

Happy 4th anniversary Princess

4 years ago today my life changed in more ways than I could put into words. A wiggly, roo-ing, pit bull ran up to me and I was not afraid to bend down to pet her. In that moment I fell in love. She wore a purple collar, no tags, and a cheap flea collar with her teats hanging loose from her. She had to belong to someone and so on that day I grabbed my office camera and took this photo of her to assist me in breaking the language barrier near my office while looking for her owner. From this day on we fell into an easy routine of car rides, pig ears, and belly rubs. She needed a name and I dubber her Precious. It was just a week later before I figured out her real name was Princess, and she was a victim of breed bias. Once someone's pet, one they felt compelled to breed for profit, kicked out of her home to the dirt lot across the street from my office to be a junk yard dog. Why? Because they had kids at home and they were worried because she was a pit bull. And so I became her guardian angel and she became the reason I am involved in animal rescue today. Thank you Princess for giving my life meaning and purpose. Thank you nesties for holding my hand every step of the way. It is because of your amazing thoughts and prayers that she is as loved as she is today by all that have met her and her amazing mom L. I love you all very much. Keep up the good fight.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Big news!

Princess my foster baby is coming to stay with us this weekend. I am super duper excited but admittedly anxious. Don't panic L, I'm just a worry wart. Princess hasn't technically seen/played with my dogs in 2+ years. It was just too much to handle when Becks was a baby and I'm a little worried about how they are going to behave or if I am going to have to re create Fort Knox using baby gates and such. See, when I took Princess in the first time we lived in a crazy fortress of double baby gates and buffer zones for weeks on end because I was too chicken to let them interact. Instead I used clicker training coupled with time and patience for them all to acclimate. Even then, it was only when Princess escaped Fort Knox to introduce herself to the dogs did they become a pack of 3. Luckily I do have a friend coming to town (poor her!) so I'm sure she will be helpful even if it is simply refilling my wine glass while I freak the F out!

So, if you have any tips for me on not projecting my crazy nervous energy I am totally open. Thanks peeps!