Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A dirt lot

This is where Princess used to live.

On this dirt lot she dodged 18 wheelers and gravel trucks. She once had her foot run over and lost a nail as a result. When she was spayed in an effort to shut me up, she recouperated here, in the dirt and motor oil. Often, I tended to various war wounds she ended up with. I'm pretty sure she wasn't missing a chunk of ear when we first met. Occasionally, she was allowed in the air conditioned offices to cool off. I don't think she was ever kept inside during thunderstorms. She slept outside 99% of the time no matter the season. I have no idea how often she was given clean water or what they fed her but I'd bet money it was Ol Roy. At one point, someone tried to steal her in the middle of the night and had her backed into a corner of the chain link fence until the man living on the property came out to see what all the fuss was about. Finally, the day I had a new collar and proper tag for her with my information on it and the words "spayed" engraved on it, she went missing. I'll save that post for another day. It's amazing what I have chosen to forget... I hope she has too.


  1. I can't believe people do this kind of stuff. It's always amazing to me when dogs have been treated horribly and they end up finding the right now and the right people and we learn how wonderful and sweet they are. Thanks for rescuing this sweetheart!!

    xo Sugar & Martine

  2. I can't believe that the spoiled little Princess I have come to absolutely adore from her Blog came from such a horrid background.
    Now I am even more grateful she is so very, very pampered and spoiled rotten.
    That sweet girl so deserves it!

    My babies were all rescues, but not from something that bad.
    Haleigh came from Memphis - rescued from a backyard breeder with all her littermates.
    Greighson was found dumped in a ditch but he was really little and probably has no idea.
    Abbey we picked up this winter out in the country as a wee, wee baby. She has food problems - she eats way too much and looks like a jelly bean on tooth picks, but she was rescued early.
    And LuLu was rescued with 16 other puppies off a property - crappy situation but she was young too and had no idea.

    But Princess. My goodness I had no idea.

    But now I just adore her even more!