Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Big news!

Princess my foster baby is coming to stay with us this weekend. I am super duper excited but admittedly anxious. Don't panic L, I'm just a worry wart. Princess hasn't technically seen/played with my dogs in 2+ years. It was just too much to handle when Becks was a baby and I'm a little worried about how they are going to behave or if I am going to have to re create Fort Knox using baby gates and such. See, when I took Princess in the first time we lived in a crazy fortress of double baby gates and buffer zones for weeks on end because I was too chicken to let them interact. Instead I used clicker training coupled with time and patience for them all to acclimate. Even then, it was only when Princess escaped Fort Knox to introduce herself to the dogs did they become a pack of 3. Luckily I do have a friend coming to town (poor her!) so I'm sure she will be helpful even if it is simply refilling my wine glass while I freak the F out!

So, if you have any tips for me on not projecting my crazy nervous energy I am totally open. Thanks peeps!


  1. Both are nice but that second picture is totally great. Good luck with the visit. I've no ideas on the nervous energy, would love to know if you find the answer though.

  2. Help is on the way! Just never mind that I am better at wrangling schnauzers ... I will somehow be totally helpful! :)

  3. Hey I'm usually in the other room or something when I have Cam or my dad do the intros as I have too much nervous energy as well, but when she knows the dogs she does really great. So even though it's been 2 years, it might be easier than you think...or just have DH deal with it! ;o) Sorry to put you out!