Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rest in peace Walker

Walker passed away today on what should have been his 3rd birthday. He was a friend's foster dog though she had plans on adopting him. He was to be her partner in crime as her marriage is coming to an end. He was going to be chapter one in her new life.

Walker went through 2 homes before landing back at DFW Lab Rescue. How someone could deny him a forever home escapes my thought process. My friend was his foster home, his safe refuge, and I am so glad he knew what it felt like to be truly loved. I had the pleasure of meeting Walker at a rescue event I volunteered to photograph. He was madly in love with him foster mom much to the chagrin of potential suitors that came to meet him.

Last week walker tore his ACL ligament and underwent surgery to repair the injury. While on the strong pain medication and antibiotics required post op, he began throwing up and peeing blood. He went into the vet's office on Monday and was diagnosed as being in acute renal failure. Yesterday morning he was on death's door, but by the afternoon the vet had decided it was not kidney failure but a massive kidney infection. My friend went to spend some time with him and when talking to her last night all seemed like it would be ok and he would pull through. This morning at 8:05 I received an email letting me know he had passed this morning. I am in shock, but mainly I am angry. It is not fair. Walker was supposed to be her fresh start. Walker was supposed to be celebrating his 3rd birthday today. Walker was supposed to finally know what it felt like to be home.

Walker, you were loved.


  1. I'm glad Walker was able to spend time with his foster mom and enjoy a good life for a little bit, he looks so happy in the photo.

  2. My thoughts are with Walker and his foster mama and all she is going through. I hope she finds another dog that needs help and they can help each other.