Thursday, April 30, 2009

Itty bitty yoga kitty

Tuesday nights are yoga night for me. A mom has got to find herself a little slice of peace and quiet and yoga at the local gym is mine. Imagine my surpise when walking towards the door this itty bitty kitty jumped out of the bushes at my feet and let out a miniscule meow. I look around at the crammed parking lot and the bustling highway near me and wonder how many other people chose to ignore this little baby. I had no choice but to scoop her up and quickly run her back to my house to be safely sequestered away from my kitty eating beasts in an upstairs bathroom. I then hightailed it back to yoga because I am just that dedicated :)

She is a mere 8 weeks old, 1.8 pounds, and negative for feline leukemia and hiv, but a nasty case of pesky fleas. I am thankful that I found many rescues willing to help me out provided I got her vetted and helped pay for her spay. For $100 I will have stopped one more cat from being a breeding machine and or road kill; I figure that's pretty cheap for some good karma. She will leaving tonight in search of her forever family. I'm pretty sure Becks is going to miss her. He has loved having something so tiny to pet and love on. Too bad his perception of gentle is akin to a scene out of Of Mice and Men, but I digress. Another wonderful lesson offered to him about the importance of stopping to help someone/some animal in need. Sure he might not get it yet, but I've got the photos and stories for his baby book... and let's face it, this itty bitty yoga kitty will not be the last random animal momma brings home.

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  1. Aww. She is itty bitty. You are such a great animal saving machine!