Monday, September 27, 2010

Dog shows- fun for the whole family

I like to record dog shows for background noise when hanging out with the kid. He gets a kick out of them and likes learning about other breeds. yes, my 3 1/2 year old asks me "what kind of dog is that"! Maximus also gets a kick out of them but for all the wrong reasons. He sees them prance around the ring and he is convinced he can jump through the tv to join them. Bellona, eh, she could care less. While she is an Anatolian Shepherd, on the tv is the AKC recognized Kuvaz. American Bulldogs are not recognized at this time. Really, I could care less. All dogs are worthy of love and from here on out I anticipate all of our future dogs will be rescues purebred or not.


  1. OMD I love this post - the first pic is hilarious! so cute!

  2. Ha Mesa likes to watch cats on TV and waits for them to walk off the screen