Monday, December 20, 2010

Maximus' Urn

It's still not with me yet- the maker had some issues with the glaze so she is going to make another. I should have it home by what would have been his 9th birthday next month. Having Shelby around does help take my mind off of him, but I still burst into tears at random times. Yesterday, while cleaning out the front hall closet I decided it was time to let go of his last cone of shame. I cut out a small aquare of the baby blue plastic to hold onto and burst into tears. Thankfully I have an awesomely emphathetic little boy who rubbed my back, gave me hugs, and told me it would be ok. And I know it will be one day...


  1. :(
    It will get easier...but there will always be things that will set you off...Mine was seeing the empty stocking hanger and Dallas' stocking in the box this year :(

  2. Aww. You poor thing. :( It will take time but it will get easier. My dog has been gone just 3 months yet I still hurt like it was yesterday. It's really hard to deal with a pet's passing but time is your friend. Never forget the good times and RIP, Max. </3