Monday, March 14, 2011

Equal opportunity lover

As noted, my blog title has the word "beasts" in it as I am an equal opportunity lover. Yes, I prefer the company of dogs, but I will stop for any animal that needs my assistance.

Introducing Mr. McNutty, the baby squirrel:

That is how he looked when I found him when playing outside in the sandbox with Becks. Still alive, but not looking so hot. He fell about 3 stories out a palm tree in our backyard. His mom/dad like to torture my dogs but I had no idea they had babies up in our tree. So we called a wildlife hotline for a rehabber and waited the 2 hours for mom and dad to return. Because baby squirrels can have a hard time staying warm, we were told to place him in a shallow dish with some old towels and a hot water bottle:

We were given the ok to give him water so we carefully used a medicine dropper for him to drink from. He had blood on his nose and I wasn't sure how hurt he was:

So we waited. No sign of mom and dad. With the sun setting, we took him inside for the night and made plans to take him to the animal rehabber the next day. Here he is snuggling up next to the hot water bottle on some old towels and heating pad in a box in my bathroom:

Too soon it was time to take our friend to the animal shelter. Thankfully, Becks knows all about the good work animal shelters do so it was a nice experience to take him to one in a positive manner. Here is our last faux family photo:

Kisses goodbye from faux mommy:

And one last pat from Becks:

I'll call the rehabber today for an update. Please send Mr. McNutty your best wishes for a long and happy life!


  1. OMG, that is adorable! I hope he is ok...please keep us updated! Will they re-release him into the wild?

  2. He's kinda cute! Did the pups go crazy when he was inside?


  3. I kept him well hidden and behind 2 sets of closed doors. I also volunteered at the shelter on Sunday so his scent was well covered by all the dogs and cats I took care of!

  4. Awwww what a sweet guy! Hope he is okay!

  5. Growing up we had a chipmunk "Munk" that we rehabilitated like this! When my mom found him he too had fallen and was barely breathing. I got up in the middle of the night and feed him with the eye dropper. Soon he began eating nuts and seeds. He would get out and run around and play with us. We eventually took him to a nature preserve. He was by far the coolest little house guest we ever had! Yay! for you and for Becks! We have our so-long photo as well- I may have to post soon!

    080808Bride on the Nest