Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Anyone out there?

Hi readers. As you know, I'm new to this blog thing. So far I have really enjoyed the outlet for talking about the loves of my life- my mini human and my beasts. While I could ramble on endlessly on the topic, I'd like to know if there are any topics you all would like to see addressed? Please feel free to chime in and leave your suggestions in the commments section. I look foward to reading them.

- PittieBoo


  1. :) I'll bite. I'm not pg yet, but it is in the plans to eventually have kids. How did the dogs handle you being pregnant? Did they notice the baby belly? Are there anythings you can start doing ahead of time (pre-pg)? I appreciate you sharing your experiences.

  2. How did the puppers do when you first brought B home? Fortunately, my dogs have been around a good number of kids, and so far have done really well with all of them, but the youngest was probably still over 6 months old. The only thing that concerns me with a baby is that my pups are very noise sensitive, so I'm not sure how they'll do if a baby starts crying/screaming. I'm actually afraid my dogs would be terrified of a baby, since each has their own set of loud scary things they're neurotic about. Would it be bad to slather my imaginary child in peanut butter to bribe my dogs into loving him/her?