Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm human, my dogs are beasts, and we all need some work.

In the spirit of total honesty, enjoy! This was my evening.

So, my beasts have not been walked lately. Bad weather for the little man, dark too early, etc... so tonight I took them for a spin individually with DS. Big boy sent across the street neighbors running into their house despite the fact he did't bark and was obviously baby safe. Whatever. Later we came across a neighbor lady all while DC didn't want to ride his bike like he said he did, so I was stuggling to contain big boy while holding the ride on my hip while trying to keep DC from exploring traffic. Big boy in his enthusiasm bucking like a mad fool then knocks DC down and out of his shoe. Tears ensue. Great.

Get back to the house, damn DH set the sprinklers for this random evening time and we get soaked trying to get back into the house. More crying.

Go to get big girl and realize when I had DH alter the pinch collar, he did it wrong and the ends won't connect. Can't find the part to fix it. Put her in a choke chain but think to myself, this not good, she freaking weighs more than I do.

Take big girl out, she flips out at bike passing by. Ugh. We are calm and carrying on until we come across freaky neighbor and his little girl- the ones that like to spy on us and freak out big girl. They start walking towards us and big girl then goes apeshit. I proceed to tell him that she won't let him get near us because she hates strange men. DC is refusing to walk this entire time, so I am also wrangling her while walking with him on my hip.

Get home, finally, and the damn sprinklers are still on. Me thinks I'll be paying someone to get them reacquanited with leash manners/strangers because I physically cannot. Ugh. I hate being a quasi single parent on nights like this the most. Goes to show you why training never tops!

End of vent. Phew. Thank god for dog walkers and trainers for professional help!


  1. I love this post, it makes me feel normal...this sounds like us, minus DS.

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