Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Too many kisses!

1 toddler, 2 foster puppies, and too many kisses to count. Taken with our awesome and easy to use Flip Mino HD. If you don't have one, I highly suggest them as gifts!

Click here for the short video clip.



  1. Cute kiddo and cute puppies! Bellona was ready to defend!

  2. They are all too cute! Do you ever have any problems with the pooches knocking over your son? We have two big pitties, who both love kids, but I'm always nervous they're going to knock one down...

  3. Schwang- Becks has taken many flights and subsequent crashes due to 125 and 90 pound dog zoomies, or when he was younger Mack's super duper tail. It helped teach him to give them a wider berth. I figured what didn't break him only made him stronger. Now that he is almost 3, he rarely gets run over; in fact he races his trike in the house like an Indy car driver and occasionally sends the dogs into hiding. Turn about is fair play in my house.

  4. How cute!! Those mean, bully-breed, pitties licking your baby. :)