Saturday, January 8, 2011

Making friends

Shelby has slowly earned more out of the ex pen privileges. Last month when off leash for the first time she and Bellona had a loud and nasty sounding fight. No one was hurt, but I went back to crate and rotate to keep everyone safe. I suspect Shelby was trying to find her place in the pack and needed me to remind her I'm the leader and Bellona is my second in command. She has now been spending time with me on leash using the umbilical method. She and Bellona have been doing great ignoring one another and for now, this is our manageable comfort level. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

Shelby is so tolerant of Beckett though I can tell his fast movements and loudness at times scare her a bit. I think she will be great with kids in the long run. She will let you poke and prod her, feet, tails, and even infected ears without a single complaint . She is such a snuggle bug and longs to have her belly rubbed and her velvet ears rubbed. I hope her forever family finds her soon for I fear Beckett is getting attached. I mean who wouldn't? Look at that cute mug? Please pass her around to anyone in the Texas area who might be worthy of such love and devotion!


  1. the pics are great and yes slow and steady does win the race!!! Doin great!

    check my pitbull Motley out if you get a chance.
    he loves meeting new doggy friends

  2. So glad to hear she is easing into family life :)