Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shelby the Shark

With it being freezing cold here, I decided after 2 months of Shelby not eating the towels I give her to lay on to try and see what she would do with a proper bed. Maximus used to eat his beds, so I knew going into this to give it to her under strict supervision. Well, a few hours in, I step away and this is what she was able to accomplish. I then doused the bed with Pfooey spray and let it dry. She was given the bed back at bedtime. I then slept with my ears tuned to her for sounds of gnawing. She actually slept on the bed all night! Woot!

Then the morning came. While blow drying my hair something sounded off. I walked out to find her de-stuffing the bed. Great. Not even Pfooey spray (which is the strongest stuff on the planet) deters her.

Today she is back in her ex pen with just her towels. I wonder if I can train her to not eat her bed? But even then, I don't think she should ever be trusted not to eat all things fabric if given the opportunity; obstruction surgeries are $$$$$ and scary. Some silly dogs are just like that I suppose.


  1. Shelby, you must stop chewing your bed; they are much better for sleeping on. Do not feel bad though, I just recently figured out that my bed was not in fact a piddle pad :)

  2. My boxer x pitt does the same thing with any kind of bed/cushioning we give her. She'll even shred her blankets sometimes too! GAHHHH, I feel bad when I look at her crate; it looks like a an empty jail cell...but I guess that is just the way she likes it!?

  3. Hehe, I chew all my beds, and the couch... so I stay in my crate with my fleeces when mom and dad are gone!

  4. Baily LOVES bitter apple. Its kinda scary