Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Is Mack a dog or a goat?

Mack is my special child. He's the life of the party, the goofy bull in a china shop, the kind of dog everyone says they would take home in a heart beat... but he has a dirty little secret. He likes to eat things that he should not. He turned 7 last month and I have to admit I have quit keeping a tally of the oddities that find their way into his mouth, but for fun here are some of the highlights. If anything, this goes to show you how well prepared he made me for baby. I had a running start on toddler proofing long before Becks was even born! If anything, let this be a lesson in picking up afer yourself.

1. He ate a silicone rubber toy frog... that I watched him give birth to out his back side. Whole. I have pics if you want to see them.
2. In the span of a few days, he ate about 3 pairs of all leather Robeez baby shoes. Those suckers were the most expensive rawhide chew treats ever. That's what I get for not putting him up while sorting and storing old baby ephemera.
3. I cannot count the number of pairs of my underwear he has eaten and pooped out. Nothing like seeing a rainbow of color in your dog's poop out in the yard.
4. Once, when my mother in law was visiting, she did not heed our warnings of keeping the bedroom door closed and dirty clothes put away. Mack gave her a goodbye present of puking her own undewear back up at her feet. Sweet.
5. He once ate a clean diaper, whole. I induced vomitting for fear the absorbent gels would make the diaper bloat and result in an obstruction surgery.
6. Most embarassing ever- the g string he semi sort of ate. He was hacking and we thought he had kennel cough. Turns out, when he was ingesting them the string got caught under his tongue leaving the panties dangling down his throat but out of sight. We left him at the vet for observation that day and our vet was thoughtful enough to save them for me.
7. I buy Beck's socks in bulk, all in white, and all in the same style. As Becks likes to remove his socks all over my house Max has taken to hiding the evidence. Which then promptly shows up in the yard during bomb duty.
8. 18 wooden letters of the alphabet from a toy. Poor dude was pooping out whole letters and splinters for over a week. It resulted in impacted and infected anal glands and required medical care. Wood toys are not my friend.

Learn from me- hampers, closed doors, toy baskets, and Simple Human trash cans are your friend. In the event you know your dog ate something it shouldn't, call your vet and ask if inducing is the right decision; some items could do more damage coming back up versus working their way out, for example poisons, glass, wood, etc...

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  1. Thanks for the laugh, I needed it! Thankfully P didn't learn too much from him.