Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pit bulls make nice pillows

Oh memories. Here is Becks just a few days old with Princess, my former foster. When I say foster, the back story is much more than that. I met her in my work parking lot one day and she came running up to me butt wagging and rooing. She was a new addition to the dog community near my place of work, a place where shop owners have junk yard dogs. I made a point of knowing every dog, who they belonged to, and encouraged everyone to put collars and tags on them as well as spay and neuter (didn't go over well with the machismo mindset.)Turns out, she belonged to the dirt lot across the street. How did she become a junk yard dog you might ask, I know I did. Her family decided after having her for about 1 year and forcing her to birth a few litters for cash (makes me puke in my own mouth) they decided she could no longer be trusted around their small kids through no fault of her own. Who does that? Far too many pet owners as I have learned in my subsequent years of being involved in animal rescue.

Princess and I have a very long story and it is quite a miracle if you believe in those sorts of things. Maybe I'll tell the tale in another post if I think I can find the words to do it justice. She was not the first dog I saved, nor will she be the last, but she is the most important. Without a doubt, Princess chose me to save her. Some might call it chance or circumstance, but I call it fate. I love that dog with my heart and soul and I trust her just as she trusted me to keep her safe. Here she is meeting Becks for the very first time. Whoever thinks pit bulls are baby eaters can suck it. Let me introduce you to Princess and you will change your mind. Maybe if you take me up on it pit bulls will have a better shot at getting adopted in our national shelters where their survival rate is only 1 out of 600.

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  1. I have a four year old pit bull whom I love very much. There is no doubt in my mind that Gracie is a well behaved dog and will do no harm to the new baby when he/she arrives. However, I am interested in any ideas on getting my four legged friend ready for the new addition to our family. Any suggestions?