Monday, February 9, 2009

Yes, I might very well be a little crazy.

Who takes off of work early on a Friday to pick up their toddler to drive 3 dogs to another state as part of a dog rescue transport? I do. Hi, I'm PittieBoo, mom to Becks my 2 year old son and slave to my 2 hair beasts Mack and Bell. I work full time but try my hardest to support animal rescue when the opportuntiy arises. After some ecouragement from some truly great friends I know only online via the amazing network of animal rescue, I am starting this blog to chronicle the challenges and triumphs of raising a baby amongst beasts. My hope is that no mom ever feels they need to dump their dog (or cat) after baby arrives. Hopefully my real life experiences will hold some value to you. I also welcome any questions you might have. My disclaimer is simply, I have no professional training or degrees related to animals or babies. I only have my personal experiences as a mom and former shelter volunteer to share, a decent amount of common sense, and a vast array of people involved with animals to bounce ideas off of.

By the way, Becks adored our 5 hour adventure to Oklahoma and back. He was thrilled to meet Sophia (the black and white American Bulldog), Keyley (the all white American Bulldog) and Sawyer (black puppy) all of whom were some of the most baby friendly pups I have ever met thanks to their wonderful foster home. We were the first leg of a transport that delivered them safely to their rescue group in Minnesota ( This was officially my 3rd transport, and Beckett's 2nd. I know he is too young to understand it now, but I hope one day he will recognize the importance of treating every living thing with kindness, and that includes driving dogs to Oklahoma and back.


  1. I'm so excited your doing this. I can't wait to see what it holds and will happily follow your adventures! I hope P and I can be part of some of your adventures soon.

  2. wish there were more like you!