Monday, November 29, 2010

Pics galore and a plea for help.

I have spent the past 2 Sundays at the local no kill animal shelter torturing the animals with my camera. I have taken over 2,000 photos for their use on their website, Petango, and special Animal Angel Tree. I have knees that look as if I have been working the corner if you know what I mean. My back is sore, my eyes are windburn, and I'm exhausted. But it is all so very worth it. Here are just a few sample pics of the babies waiting for their forever homes.

Now that you have seen the pics of some of the lucky adoptables at the no kill shelter I volunteer for, I respectfully ask for donations for Miss Shelby's struggling rescue group. With no shelter, no vets on staff, and no large private donors they are hurting for funds after a few medical emergencies and large unexpected vet bills. If you could all possibly spare even just $1 today to their ChipIn it would be immensely appreciated. Until we raise some funds and adopt out a few dogs we are on an in take freeze which means adoptable dogs such as Shelby will be euthanized in your local city shelter for lack of space in rescue. Sorry to be such a downer, but that's the sad reality of rescue. So few bullies ever make it out alive...

Here is the Texas American Bulldog Rescue ChipIn. I did donate as well- $25. I promise I talk the talk and walk the walk!


  1. HoneyBuzz and I (Maureen) have donated. Make sure your rescue group sets up a Facebook page if they haven't done so already. It's a fantastic way to gather supporters and get your animals seen by the most people!

  2. You can become a fan of Texas American Bulldogs at!/pages/Texas-American-Bulldog-Rescue/102393793148309

  3. Oh wow, I keep saying I am going to go help take photos at our shelters but they aren't no kill so I couldn't bring myself to do it :(


  4. Our Wilbur knows how lucky he is so he made a donation.