Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Want to foster / Scared to foster

Princess was my lone foster dog and one I did all on my own. Her integration into my pack was slow and steady- many weeks of baby gates, and even then Princess escaped the gates to make her own hellos. I get nervous introducing strange dogs and thus my dogs have had select friends to play with. Bellona played well with Princess post her adoption after a long walk on neutral turf. I didn't let Maximus play with Princess for a long time because it was so stressful on me; Maximus was so enthusiastic that he often missed another dog's warning that he was simply too much for them and I was worried he would start a fight on accident. Bellona and Maximus do/did great with Sidney who is a regular guest in our home though playing for my old gal is really pretty minimal these days. She gets the odd zoomies, but mainly prefers to lounge and observe.

But my house seems lonely without the force of nature Max was and I know I could help save a life. We always said if we were ever a 1 dog house, we would foster. But now I'm scared. How do I take on an unfamiliar dog with a crabby resident dog who is all alpha, a 3 1/2 year old, working FT, and school. Am I insane? How could I successfully find a foster that would work well in our home? Could it be a puppy? A pregnant or nursing mom? A male? Not to mention that Beckett has told daddy he misses Max and wants another dog (sniffle). Could Becks be ok with taking care of a dog only to let it go? Ack. I feel so lost. I keep hoping Max will send the right dog to us, but at this point, I'm not sure I'd recognize it.

I'd love any thoughts you all might have on the topic- pros and cons welcome.

ps- that's Carlos the Wonderdog, a friend's foster through Broken Hearts Mended Souls Rescue


  1. My problem is after you get so attached and then the dog goes to his perminent home, so sad!
    But I completely agree that your dog needs a friend...your dog is more than likely greiving and this will help him! I say PRO

  2. I've been fostering for almost a year now, we've had 6 foster dogs during that time. Corbin was our first, and obviously our first foster failure - but I think that was mainly because we didn't have a dog of our own at the time and he fit so well with us. But, although the other 5 fosters we've had were all amazing dogs and very hard to let go, I knew we were saving lives. We were attached to each of them, and I still keep in contact with their adoptive parents. I don't have any children, so I don't have any input on how your little one will react to this. But we know we're doing as much as we can saving 1 dog at a time. It's hard work being a foster, but nothing is more rewarding then placing them with the right home! We also know we can't handle 2 dogs at our house 24/7 so we can't have another foster failure, which helps! We enjoy fostering. So I'm very PRO! I hope you make the right decision for your family!
    -Corbin's momma, Jenn
    ps. Most rescues will work with you to get a dog that fits in your home with your older dog -maybe a submissive male would work!

  3. I think if you want to start foster, you need to find a group that will work to pair the right dog up with your family and not just stick you with any dog


  4. If you open your heart to it it will happen.
    And it will happen the right way.
    Just like it did with Princess.