Friday, October 15, 2010

Here come the holidays

On Sunday, we are taking our annual photos for our holiday cards. It is really sinking in that Maximus is no longer with us. It sucks. We go all out for our holiday cards thanks to my friends who are pro photographers and donate all of their sitting fees for holiday cards to a local women's shelter. Not to mention it's our once a year chance to have a family photo taken. Being a hobby photographer, I'm never in photos of our home life. Sadly, I think there are maybe only a handful of pics of me with my Max as a result.

I've been thinking of some way to still mention Max without being too weepy for the general public. I think I've come up with a brilliant solution. I am going to use one of my photographs of him and make custom stamps with his cute goofy mug. You can do this here.

Another great way to spread the message of animal rescue is by purchasing Zazzle's holiday stamps in conjunction with the HSUS here. I love the Patrick McDonnell "Mutts" comic strip ones the best.

Last year we incoporated the importance of rescue on the back of our cards stating under the family pic with the beasts that 7-8 million animals are put to sleep every year for lack of a place to call home. Maximus and Bellona encourage you to adopt, don't shop, for your fur-ever best friend. When I have a captive audience, why not share my passion?

So, does anyone else go all out in including their pets in their holiday cards?


  1. Heck ya I do....all three of my dogs and my cat! I love the idea of spreading message about animals in your holiday card.

  2. My mom has been concidering a holiday card of our family, or just me. She hasn't decided yet - but the words on the back about adoption are SUCH a great touch! I will pass that suggestion on to her, if you don't mind!

  3. We encourage all of our animal loving friends to spread the word and incorporate animal rescue into their holiday cards too!

  4. We always do Christmas cards with photos with us and the dogs & cat. The pics are of us either together with the dogs or us separate from the dogs and cat. We didn't do pics or cards last year & heard about it from SO many people. Now I need to do them this year, but I'm sad because Mackey won't be in them. :(

  5. We plan to include all three of our rescues in this year


  6. A woman I work with does photography and does our Christmas picture for us every year.
    We do the picture cards you can buy on line and share them with all our friends and family. Our last year card is still hanging in my office receptionist's desk. They are always a big hit and I look forward to it every year.
    What we have not done is include the message about adoption. I will have to steal that idea from you - that is a good one.

    I think of your Max every time I look at my Greighson. He wonders why I keep hugging on him so much more here lately. I know he's thinking "Geesh mom, enough already."

    Your loss of Max has really made me more aware of how precious my time with my kids is and to never take any of it for granted.

    I have also become extra diligent about making sure all stuffies get put away after Abbey and LuLu play with them because Haleigh is a stuffie eater too.

    Again, I am so sorry for your loss and my heart goes out to you everyday.