Wednesday, October 13, 2010

In happier times

It's been 1 week today. I am trying my best not to wallow in my sadness for fear it could swallow me whole. I am trying hard to remember the happy times, the times when Max was simply being Max instead of the box of ashes I picked up on Saturday.

Maximus loved the sun tan ledge in the pool. He could not swim, in fact he sunk like a stone, but he jumped into this shallow water even when we didn't want him to. He loved to kick up the water, bite at it, and chase any reflections the sunlight made on the bottom of the pool. He developed a habit of trying to dig to China which I encouraged because it helped file down his front nails. I know he looks fierce in the top photo, but I was having fun with my camera and action shots while Beckett and daddy shot a water gun across the pool to an excited Maximus. I'm so thankful it's fall and we won't be using the pool anymore this year. It just wouldn't be right to be in it and not have Max there to play with.


  1. Such sweet memories! Thank you for sharing! I know everyone tells you that it gets easier with time, but it really does... You will always have a void but your day to day will get easier!

    ~The Mama Monster

  2. The first and third pictures are my favorites :) I can feel his energy in them


  3. Thank you for sharing these pictures and memories of him with us. He will always be a part of your memories and what better way than to show people his sweet soul. Its ok to be sad and greive but like mama monster says, it takes time.

  4. I love his big 'ole lips. Just makes you want to grab his face and give him big 'ole slobbery kisses.
    The good thing for Maximus fans is that he lives forever in your blog.
    I love American bulldogs and when I first saw a picture of Max - I found your blog when you were babysitting Princess - I was in love with him!
    He's a big version of my Greighson Andrew and I loved it when you posted new pictures and blogs about him.
    I will never forget when you posted he muzzle picture.
    I was horrified at first.
    And then I had to laugh when I read it.

    Max will still bring joy to the world through your blog and your followers share in your sadness and the joy of your memories.
    Thank you so much for sharing him.

    From across the miles I send you lots of hugs,

  5. we will miss you, max! you were so freaking cool :)